The perfect chair I got for myself

In a typical day, I do spend a lot of time sitting in front of my computer and I am very particular of the ergonomics in my workplace and that it should be comfortable for long work hours.

In all the office spaces I got furnished, I ensure the ergonomic aspects were given adequate attention to the extent possible — for example I will instruct the interior designer to have the keyboard tray to be in line (as in same height from the ground) to the armrest of the chair that’s going to be used, to ensure your elbow is resting firmly in the armrest and the wrist is placed (not hanging) in the keyboard tray, thereby reducing the pressure on your wrist which will protect you from developing the threaded carpal tunnel syndrome; Similarly, the Display monitor should be placed at a proper height so that you don’t bend down or look up and strain your neck — If you can’t adjust the monitor height, there are small stands available for that in Amazon.

In my table, I use a dual-monitor setup for productivity, an external keyboard and mouse connected to my laptop so that I don’t strain and cramp my arms using the laptop inbuilt keyboard and trackpad.

For almost 15 years I have been using an executive chair model (Contact HB) from Featherlite, India. When I bought it many years ago, it cost about ₹6000 or so and it has been comfortable, whenever I moved or got a new office space, my room will definitely have one of this chair.

I do keep telling myself to get up once every 30 minutes or an hour, but as you all know, we don’t do it always.

Last year, every time I sit for an hour or so at a stretch I was finding my buttocks getting numb and a burning sensation in the anus — before it turns into Hemorrhoids (piles) I wanted to take care of myself. My family doctor gave a suggestion that I try placing a thick cotton towel on the chair bottom. When that didn’t help much, he asked I go for a chair which has a seating area that allows ventilation, something like a wire mesh.

Looking for a model that’s comfortable, has a neck rest, good armrest, and, has a mesh bottom I found few online and one at Featherlite store in Haddows Road, Chennai, but it was costing above ₹50,000 (USD 720) — though I don’t like to be stingy when it comes to ergonomics, this was beyond my range — if I am going to spend that kind of money I will very well go for the world famous Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair which costs about ₹85000 (USD 1120) online.

That’s when I came across a store in Kutchery Road, Chennai, the owner was very helpful and showed me a model from a catalogue. It was not from a recognizable brand, but was exactly what I wanted and was costing only ₹10000. I ordered one and got it in a few days. The model I got was a Chinese import, made by a company there called Sihoo.

Sitting on the chair for the last 10 months, it has turned out to be comfortable, the numbness and burning sensations on my bottoms are not there. The backrest is fixed, you can’t push back, but that’s fine with me.

Happy sitting!

Originally published at Venkatarangan’s blog.

Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, CEO Coach & Microsoft Regional Director (Honorary) in Chennai, India